Ashley Larson and Cara Knight obtained a defense verdict for a retailer in a slip and fall incident on an advertising poster. Plaintiff alleged he slipped and fell on a poster that had fallen out of a sandwich board easel at the store’s front entrance.

Plaintiff alleged over $1.5 million in past and future medical expenses. Plaintiff claimed injuries of a left wrist fracture, a right wrist contusion, a left knee sprain, bilateral patellofemoral disorder, neuropathy of the left and right saphenous nerve, anterior femoral cutaneous neuropathy, Hoffa’s syndrome, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and various spinal injuries. Plaintiff claimed over $1.4 million in future medical damages related to ongoing bilateral wrist and knee stem cell injections, bilateral knee shockwave therapy treatments, physical and chiropractic therapy, bilateral knee arthroplasty surgeries, and facet block and radiofrequency ablation injections for life. The retailer admitted the fall caused a left wrist fracture, which resolved, and a left knee sprain.

In closing, Plaintiff requested $597,000 in damages arguing store employees failed to pick up the sign despite working in the area. The retailer argued the sign was not a dangerous condition, that the store did not know and should not have known about a dangerous condition, and that the store did not fail to exercise reasonable care.

The jury returned a defense verdict in favor of the retailer no liability under the Premises Liability Act. Judgment entered in favor of the retailer and the retailer is entitled to its costs.